Center for Prenatal and Perinatal Programs

Center for Prenatal and Perinatal Programs

Our mission is to improve pre and perinatal outcomes through education, research, communication and bodywork.

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Baby Bodywork Session - $65
This is for families with babies who are having difficulty feeding, sleeping, settling. Many times, it can because there is difficulty breastfeeding. Price varies sliding scale. Parents are taught skills to help. Therapy consists of massage and craniosacral therapy.
Massage and Craniosacral Therapy 1 hour - $90
Massage, or craniosacral therapy. Play is often included in craniosacral sessions for children.
Massage and Craniosacral Therapy 1.5 hour - $120
Massage and craniosacral therapy, often in combination.
Infant Massage private session - $65
Private infant massage sessions. Includes handouts and oil.
Family Session
This session is for families. It involves some play, some education, some bodywork to regulate the nervous system of the whole family. $45-$65
Bodywork for Stability and Resiliency - $110
Somatic Experiencing - $90


Sensational Baby Class: Baby Massage and Caregiver Support - $65
In this class you will learn a complete baby massage sequence, plus nonverbal cues, understand more about baby's nervous system and how to settle a crying baby. Discussions include gas/colic, attachment, tummy time, and how to be with crying. Many resources available. Includes handbook and a bottle of oil.
TummyTime! - $45
TummyTime!™ This four week class teaches friendly ways for parents to do tummy time with their precrawling babies. The ventral position helps with posture, development and nervous system settling. Each class will include tummy time practice, baby yoga positions, finger plays, baby massage techniques and information about baby development. Plus time for mothers to connect.
Baby Dynamics Study Group - $125
Day long study group for professionals who want to learn about babies. Topics vary. Includes Free Clinic for moms and babies, with debrief of cases and an individual case consult each month. Also include poster series and youtube channel subscription.
Are You Really There For Me? - $65
This class is for couples, friends, birthing professionals, dyads to help with nervous system regulation and a sense of security. Participants will learn:
The patterns of nervous system response to threat
The functional range of the nervous system
Exercises to help identify and shift states in the body
Boundary repair in relationship
Skills to help your partner when you get out of balance

$105 per couple, $65 per individual, includes snacks and handouts (two afternoons, 2.5 hours each class)
Artistic Explorations of the Perinatal Period - $10
This is a presentation with an artistic exploration about the perinatal period based on the layers you might experience as a prenate and neonate: Ancestral Patterns, Conception, Prenatal Period, Birth and Attachment. Using Collage as our medium, we will explore what we know about ourselves in the concentric rings of experiences.
Ebb and Flow
Talks about menstruation and the new story of women's health.
Babies Together - $15
This is a class for crawlers, waddlers and young toddlers. We will dance and play with unstructured and structured time. Balls, tunnels, mini trampoline, slides. Circle time has an interactive play time. Class is limited!
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